Mr. Daniel Norman

Technical Consultant, Tennessee Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Daniel Norman has been pursuing technology transfer opportunities with researchers and technology commercialization managers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory since 2007.  Currently, Daniel works as the Advanced Composites Technical Specialist in the Tennessee NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (TMEP) Program at the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services (UT CIS).  Daniel’s responsibilities include development of training to identify applicable research, projects and technology developed at the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) for small manufacturers who are not currently considering composite materials.

Daniel develops resources to enable MEP Practitioners to identify SMEs that can leverage carbon fiber or other fiber reinforcements.  Daniel’s goal is to enable a new breed of small manufacturers that utilize advanced materials by assisting SMEs in design, materials selection, process planning and integration.

Daniel has over 10 years’ experience as a business specialist with a focus on mechanical technology commercialization.  Before joining UT CIS, Daniel’s work as technology commercialization specialist focused on patent licensing of energy tech, smart sensors, and mechanical systems.  His work enabled patent licenses from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Y-12 National Security.

Daniel holds a bachelor’s in engineering mechanics from Lipscomb University and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Tennessee with a concentration in marketing and entrepreneurship.

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